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Day Spa, Expert Spa Therapy - address: 405 Broad Street, Milford, Pennsylvania 18337.

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As in all services-related businesses it is common practice to tip the person who has done a good job to the satisfaction of the customer. The rule of thumb in day spas is 10%-15% of the cost of service, or about $10.00 to $15.00 for a one hour treatment. Spas usually provide an envelope at the front desk when checking out for you to place the gratuity into it with the therapist’s name. You do not have to carry money around with you and worry about this while enjoying the spa facilities. Note: Some spas will include tips in their package prices … this is common practice at Destination Spas that offer complete spa packages. Be sure to read the fine print. Unacceptable behavior

What client behavior would be considered bad manners? When should a guest be removed from the spa?

Lewd behavior Inebriated

Demeaning and abusive behavior toward receptionists or therapists.

Guest insisting upon services without an appointment when spa is fully booked. Such behavior does not conform to spa etiquette, but even with such behavior it is important to first fix the person and then the problem. This is a service industry and as such, the motto remains, “customer first.” In the above situations, advocate addressing the situation with respect and an agreeable outcome. Remember, its not the one client that needs to be “managed” that is lost, it is the 10 others that they complain to about their experience that are then lost too. Word of mouth is powerful.

Offensive staff conduct

What about staff etiquette? What in the professional opinion is a probationary or firing offense within a spa regarding spa etiquette?

Blatant discrimination such as refusing to give a service to a guest because someone is physically challenged or overweight, or because of medical history listed on client card.

Switching guests from one therapist’s docket to another because the therapist doesn’t want that particular guest for whatever reason or does want them (often because they know that the guest is a big tipper).

Saying the spa is booked because a therapist wants to go home early!

Pointing out to a guest that gratuities are not included or simply asking for a tip. Poor personal hygiene-unkempt appearance, body odor, poor dental care, etc. Personalizing services so that they do not conform to established spa standards and, as a result, causes dissension among guests.

Discussions or comments about employment, staff and spa operation that are negative (either with guests or co-workers)

Continued overuse of product and supplies thus differing guest services as well as drastically affecting bottom line expenses to revenues on behalf of the spa.

The spa operator, director or owner will learn of these things from witnesses, guest complaints or co-workers’ reports. Just as one is schooled in proper table manners, constant training and emphasizing protocol from a spa service point of view is vital to the success of the day spa industry.